Maybe you’ve been asked to implement ABM and are unsure where to start.

Maybe you’ve already started down the ABM path but have found it difficult to build momentum or see results.

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First you really need to understand where you are in terms of ABM readiness. If your organisation isn’t set up to work in a complex way, don’t try to embrace complexity.

Second, think about context and the need to assess your own quality and quantity requirements. ABM is a different kind of numbers game, it is the antithesis of the traditional marketing outlook. Make sure you are measuring the right success indicators. You’re looking for fewer but better leads in the short-term, and over the long-term to establish quality relationships that drive sustainable business growth coupled with a recurring stream of sales leads.

You also need to invest time and resources in your data; segment and scrutinise it carefully to gain real business insight, from which you can build statistically-meaningful conclusions and be more targeted in your approach. Personalisation can be very powerful, but only when based on reliable insights.

Above all, you have to be relevant. This, of course, is true in every sphere of marketing. But it is even more crucial here, as you cannot hope to succeed in any ABM endeavour if you fall short of the relevance mark.

Navigating your way through hype is nothing new for marketing professionals – our sector is blessed with a constant supply of new ideas and strategic shifts. Or should that be cursed? Either way, in the case of ABM things are different; this is not a run-of-the-mill fad. More and more heads of marketing are being called upon to implement ABM strategies, and although enthusiastic about tackling this exciting, new challenge, many are also daunted by the prospect.

Not everything in marketing fits neatly into a tiered series of definitions of ABM. But perhaps, with the right outlook, everything in marketing can benefit from adopting it as a strategic approach.

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