If you’re adopting an ABM approach, you need to give consideration to these three pillars if you’re going to make it really work. Their importance can’t be overstated to anyone looking to incrementally improve their marketing and adopt ABM in a way that delivers leads while still addressing accounts. We aren’t going to dwell too much on the pillars in this document, as they are the subject of another of our discussion papers, where they are examined in more detail.

What scenarios is the customer faced with, both personally (dealing with their own organisation and any potential internal politics) and professionally? Which of their challenges can we solve with your solution?

If you’re not immediately and obviously relevant to the target customer, you might as well be invisible. Avoid any vanilla marketing communications and focus on demonstrating your expertise in and awareness of the issues affecting your target customers.

You can think of personalisation as the way you make context and relevance speak directly to the person you are targeting – message, content, channel, timing, and process all play an important part here. The more personalised you can be the greater your chance of standing out. However, fruitful personalisation needs insight, and insight comes from a vigorous analysis of data. Be sure you have these tools in your possession.

Personalisation is the direct consequence of knowing the correct context and therefore what is relevant to a target stakeholder.

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